America’s New Investment TV Show

Season One Rankings:

1st Place – SharkWheel

2nd Place – Firegrounds Coffee

3rd Place – CITQ+

4th Place – Volante

5th Place – Wildflower Ranch

6th Place – Glamtruck Warriors

7th Place – Carlmicheals

8th Place – Wholesale Nuts

If you missed an episode on FOX BUSINESS NETWORK, You can watch them here or on the big screen – as they are now streaming on our own channels/apps on:

Now everyone can Invest in the American Dream.

This is your show! You help determine which company will be the Season One Champion. The contest is based on who raises the most money, sells the most product and receives the most votes. You help decide who wins by supporting your favorite business. You can invest, buying ownership into their company, you can buy their product, and vote for them by sharing out their story to your social media. Get to know the business owners not just their business model. No sharks here, but rather BUSINESS ICONS – PEOPLE INVESTING IN PEOPLE.™

V O T E , B U Y  P R O D U C T S  & I N V E S T !

Before the SEC adopted Regulation Crowdfunding to implement Title III crowdfunding in 2016, investing in private startups and early-stage companies was very often restricted to wealthier accredited investors and institutions, usually at a minimum investment of $50,000.

Today, with Regulation Crowdfunding, anyone 18 and older can invest in private companies for as little as $100 to get started. America’s Real Deal was created to help American people to find early-stage businesses to invest in & have ownership.

Need Money for Your Business?

America’s Real Deal has partnered with ISM, a new marketplace where qualified business owners (including start-ups) receive coaching and consulting services. ISM works closely with online funding platforms where they can raise debt-free capital by selling a small portion of the equity in their businesses, without losing control of day-to-day operations.

With ISM, people invest in people. The expectation is for participants to make long-term investments in the business owners and the companies in which they are investing.

Become the next Investor Icon for Season Two

Now is your turn to become the SHARK and be on Season Two of the most interactive Business Reality TV Show in history. This is an opportunity for your Company, Brand or Influence to be seen on National TV.

I’m In! Are You?™

America’s Real Deal was created to help American people find early stage businesses to invest in & have ownership. Our Show is NOT about the celebrity ICONS, Studio & Virtual Audience Investors. You are the hero of this story! These business owners need your participation to grow & expand.

Move over Sharks… it’s America’s turn…

Become a Studio Investor for Season Two

Benefits of becoming a Studio Investor includes the being on National TV/Streaming, Early Access to Investment Opportunities, Photo Opportunities with Celebrity Guests, Mentions on Social Media, Invitation to our Black Tie Gala and much much more…


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Private and public investments are risky.
Investors should be prepared to lose all of the money invested.

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