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Each season, we introduce 36 companies on our national TV show that compete to sell product and raise capital online.

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America’s Real Deal

empowers viewers to participate in the success of ambitious entrepreneurs by purchasing their products, investing in their business, or helping them spread the word by sharing information about them socially.

In addition to helping business owners, we help individuals achieve their personal dreams.

The generous people who support dreamers help pay for vacations, schooling, hobbies and bucket lists.



Family Reunions

Hobbies & Bucket Lists

Educational Pursuits

If you are a business owner looking for direction, funding and exposure for your business, register to pitch your project on America’s Real Deal!


What Will be the setting? Online Webcast Broadcast
Type of Transactions? Non-Equity Sales Sales & Private Equity Sales & Publicity Traded Stock
Who can participate? Anyone Over 18 Years Old Accredited Investors Most Adults
The minimum company value? No Minimum Value $500,000 Minimum Value $2,500,000 Minimum Value
The cost to the business? $1,500 $15k Upfront+2% Stock +
$15k from Capital +
$200 per investor
$50K uPFRONT +4%sTOCK+
$100k from Capital +
$200 per investor
When will it air? 30 Days after Posting 1st Quarter,2017 2nd Quarter, 2017
Which SEC exemptions will you be using? Online Rules & Regulations Reg.D 506c Reg. A+
who will be the hosts? Business Owners & their Sponsers Jay & Lina & Noland Kevin Harrington & Forbes Riley
What is the type of distribution? ARD Website & Online Streaming Online Streaming & National Distribution The Blaze Radio TV Networks
National Syndication
What are the benefits received? Exposure & Sales Exposure,Sales & Capital Exposure,Sales ,Capital,Liquidity
50% + Increase in Value of Stock

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